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What Our Foster Carers Say About Acorn

Over the years our foster carers have provided feedback about our services and support, here are just a few. We will add some more very soon.

All staff ( administrators, social workers, managers) and directors get to know you – like an extended family.  When I am in need, there is always a member of the Acorn Team, at the end of the phone for reassurance and help, that to me is Acorn’s added value.  Acorn  may be small in  business size but  Acorn’s team is big in support, commitment and quality.

After a long search and researching foster agencies we decided to join the Acorn family.

That was back in 2012 and we are very proud to say it is an amazing family to belong to.

It’s a whole change of life looking after foster children integrating them within your own family and friends. It has had a very positive effect on the whole family. You have your up and down days but even on those down days there is plenty of support from the Managers, Supervising Social workers right down to the Admin staff who also play a great role in the Agency. The other Foster carers meet up and help with support or just over the phone.

Training is given on all subjects and to help with specialised needs for the children.

We have grown a lot as a team in these years and provide a safe environment for the children for them to grow and learn. Sometimes just to help get through life with the Abuse and traumas they have gone through. We cannot change the past but we can help change their future.

We have been approved foster carers April 2019. We had our first placement on August 2019. So far, it’s been a learning curve even though we have two of our children. Fostering can sometimes be challenging but it’s a joyous experience. The children we have cared for have made us proud not only our lives but our children too. Children often come from a difficult background and it’s wonderful seeing them realise what they are capable of. It gives us great pleasure when you see them smile and having a good attachment.

Acorn Fostering have been fantastic with our ongoing support and training. If you have any problems, they give you advice 24 hours a day. A great company to work for. Keep up the good work Acorn.

Thank you Acorn Fostering for my lovely flowers on my 10th year anniversary of fostering. If I said its been a doddle I’d be lying.
It’s hard to give up on who we meet along the way, but it’s worth all the tears and hugs when it all comes together.

I have been a foster carer for a long time and very happy to see change and improvement in children.  Always happy to see smile on children’s faces. Working with Acorn has always encouraged me as they have a very supportive staff who always make you feel welcome.  Thank you Acorn for all that you do.

I am proud to be a foster carer to see the smiles I put on the childrens faces. I am proud because I am making a difference in a child’s life. I am proud because I am giving them the best start in life I possibly can.

We foster because we enjoy looking after/ helping children in need (Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children from troubled/war-torn regions overseas or Looked After Children from broken homes in the UK), providing them a safe and secure family environment where they can learn & grow. This is our way of giving something back to our local community and we get great satisfaction from seeing all the children grow up as confident & independent individuals who can go on to further study or independent living.

I’m very proud to be a foster carer when I take the time to step back and reflect on the growth and positive changes the young people in our care are making all the time. Sometimes the changes are small. The anxious teen who starts to smile and laugh with us. The child who discovers new foods, learns a new skill set, shines in a new activity. I’m proud when our families and friends rally around our young people and provide them with a sense of belonging and community. I’m proud of the safe and inclusive environment we provide for our teenagers as they explore their identities and grow into their adult selves. Sometimes I get to be proud about the big things. I’m proud of the young person who was barely managing part time alternative education when she came to us. A year later, she was on a full timetable in a mainstream secondary school. I’m also proud of the teen who wasn’t expected to complete her GCSEs when she was placed with us. Two years later, she left care on track to finish her A levels, with offers from five universities. It is a privilege to be a foster carer. We are trusted to care for vulnerable young people who have survived unthinkable trauma, abuse and neglect. We can’t change the past and we can’t fix everything for our young people but we can provide them with a safe place where they can grow into the best possible versions of themselves. Even the most troubled young people respond well to kindness, respect and consistency. Fostering can be incredibly challenging work but I’m very proud of the impact my work has had on the lives of vulnerable young people.

Having worked in the caring profession for 22 years prior to this role, I had always harboured the desire to become a foster carer. I had a few looked after children come into my nursey setting and I used to work alongside their social workers. This gave me an insight and increased my urge to become a foster carer. I have now been fostering for over 10 years! It has been challenging as well as fulfilling and I am really proud to be a foster carer. My experiences have made me the person I am today and I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

I am proud to Foster because I know that i am making a positive impact on the child’s life. I get a lot of people tell me they couldn’t foster as they would ‘get too attached’. My response now is..That’s exactly why I do it. To give the Child that strong attachment and high quality of care they need. Knowing me and my family made a difference to a child’s life, with the necessary training and support from the agency is such a reward.

We have been fostering for 10 years and we initially started fostering because we wanted to spend more time with our own children and have more quality family time. Our children our now much older and we still enjoy the work/life balance we have as foster carers and above all being able to make a difference to young people’s lives.

We are a fostering family with Acorn and have been for almost 8 years. Fostering is not just a job it is a way of life. We get so much pleasure and satisfaction from the role we play in these young people’s lives. I really cannot ever imagine not being a fostering household now. Of course, it has it’s difficulties but the pleasure also comes from getting over these obstacles and making a real difference. My advice if you are thinking of becoming a foster carer is just do it. Become part of our family here at Acorn.

‘We have been with Acorn for over 10 years, they are a reliable, supportive and a professional agency to work for’

My experience with fostering for acorn has been good there is always someone there to help you when needed and the staff always make you welcome when we come down to the office and training sessions, they are a lovely bunch of people and I enjoy fostering…

It makes us proud to be foster carers when you see the difference you make. It’s about big smiles and creating happy memories to take through life and watching the confidence grow.

I can’t imagine my life without fostering now and there’s nothing in this world that I would rather be doing. I find it incredibly rewarding and the children are great. The support from acorn is second to none and the agency has a lovely family vibe about it.

Acorn fostering agency are very professional and if you have any problems, they come to your aid straight away. They make you feel like you are part of a big family and make you feel really at home and really care for all the foster children in care. It’s a privilege to be a part of their team.

I have been fostering for just over 10 years with Acorn Fostering, I’ve had some very difficult placements where they have totally drained me so I’ve had to give notice. I’ve also had many more rewarding placements where I’ve formed some lovely relationships with the young people and I’m still in contact with some of them even now. I find this to be a very rewarding part of my life and still enjoy working with young people and hopefully making a small difference in their lives. I’ve still got a placement that I’ve had since he was 11 he’s now nearly 17 and he’s grown into a lovely young man and I’m so proud of how he has developed but I’m also really happy that I’ve been a part of his life journey.

We are with Acorn Fostering for the following reasons. Continual training to a high standard In house social workers who are very supportive and help with any problem we may have and will give advice when needed. 24-hour support Easy access to management Management listen to what carers have to say Helpful front-line staff

Acorn fostering has always shown a high level of professionalism and my questions have always been answered.

We started our fostering career January 2013 and it has been a journey of learning and full of new experiences. We have learnt that fostering is a very worthwhile and fulfilling lifestyle. We have had many highs and lows, during the six years. Sometimes it can be like living on a roller coaster. Children can be very difficult at times but when you make progress it is a fantastic feeling and makes up for any difficult times you may have. These children come from a very varied background and most have suffered lots of trauma in their short lives. It is very unrealistic to expect perfectly behaved children. A lot of children have lived their lives without any boundaries and will need help to put the boundaries in place. This will take a lot of patience and understanding on the foster carers part. You have to be realistic and accept that not every child can be helped but you never give up trying. Our first child came to us with lots of challenging behaviour and with his hard work and ours this child eventually was invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. We are so proud of him. We are very lucky to have a great support team who work alongside us. Our training helps us understand and manage many different behaviours. Being a foster carer is very interesting and I would strongly recommend it.

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