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All our approved Foster Carers have signed an agreement with the agency, which includes following salient aspects. The agreement incorporates values, principles and standards of care expected of them. These aspects are also emphasised upon in various training programmes that are attended by our carers before, during and after their being approved as carers.

  • Foster Carers should notify AFS immediately of any changes in their household, personal circumstances, any serious illness and any other significant event in relation to either child or themselves.
  • Foster Carers should not use inappropriate means of discipline such as corporal punishment, threat of returning them to their family, ceasing contact with family and significant others, deprivation of food, drink, medicine etc.
  • Foster Carers are to work in accordance with Placement Agreement and Child’s Care Plan.
  • Foster Carers are to keep a daily record of all the significant events and changes in relation to the child, all important dates and appointments etc.
  • Foster Carers should participate in all the meetings related to the child. On occasions, if this is not possible then a written report should be made available to the supervising social worker for presentation to the meeting.
  • Foster Carers are to allow the placing local authority, or area authority, or any person authorised by them, to visit, or to remove, a child from their care.
  • Foster Carers are to work in partnership with the agency, Local Authority and parents and significant others where appropriate.
  • Foster Carers are to liaise with the Local authority and other professionals involved with the child.
  • Foster Carers are to attend, and participate, in all the training organised or arranged by the AFS.
  • Foster carers must maintain confidentiality appropriately, including in their own household and extended family, keeping records in a safe place.
  • Foster carers should only provide information about the child to those who have a right to it and if in doubt, consult with their supervising social worker or the AFS Fostering Manager.
  • All foster carers are subject to an annual review. A review may be called earlier if there have been significant changes or significant concerns.
  • If the AFS is no longer satisfied with a foster carer then, following a review, the approval will be terminated from a specified date. A written notice will be sent to the carers and the placing Local Authority.

The complete assessment and approval process generally takes 4-6 months on an average and every efforts is made to avoid all unnecessary delays. All information obtained during the assessment process about the prospective foster carers is kept confidentially in a file. On request this file can be viewed, except all third party information, which are provided in confidence, cannot be seen.

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