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  • How much do foster parents get paid?

    How much do foster parents get paid?

    We believe that fostering children and young people is a significant commitment, which demands particular skills of understanding, responsibility and creative thinking, as well as patience from the foster carer.

    Foster Parenting is a vocation, it’s not a pass-time or voluntary service. For this reason we have put in place an extensive support and training scheme for our foster carers, and to enable them to fully focus on looking after children we pay allowances and fees – to cover their expenses and fees for the efforts.

    This combined income can be approximated using our online fostering income calculator. In most cases all fostering income is tax free due to the HMRC foster carers tax exemption scheme. Our fostering income calculator will also help you work out the tax threshold.

    How much foster carers /parents are paid is dependant on many factors – the age, type, length of care, carers experience, etc – our fostering income calculator accommodates these variables and works out the total income.

    Use our Fostering Income Calculator
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