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Quality, Equality & Safety in Care

About Acorn Fostering Services

  • Introduction

    fostering a childAcorn Fostering Services is an Ofsted approved and registered independent fostering agency based in Leicester, providing fostering agency services throughout the East and West Midlands and Northern Counties.

    Our Foster Carers – Our aim is to always provide foster carers who can offer a sensitive approach to children. Because of their life experience, and Acorn’s extensive support and training our foster carers are able to meet the needs of all types of looked after children.

    We provide good quality foster placements for children and young people up to the age of 18 years. We believe that children deserve the best quality of care, which helps them deal with their changing circumstances. Whatever circumstances lead to placement outside their family of origin, placement with a carer will be a traumatic experience for children, even for a short period.

    Professional Memberships – We are members of The British Association for Adoption and Fostering, the Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers, FosterTalk and The Fostering Network. More about our Professional Memberships and Associations

    Local Authorities – As an independent fostering agency we complement the fostering services provided by local authorities. We work closely with local authority staff in order to achieve better outcomes for the children placed with our carers. More about the Local Authorities/Councils

    Regulations - Acorn Fostering Services operates in accordance with Section 105 of Children Act 1989, National Minimum Standards for Fostering 2011 and Fostering Services Regulations 2011.

    We fully comply with the guidance laid out by Ofsted, and ensure that our policies and procedures are kept up-to-date with changes in guidance and legislation.

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    Read our - Statement of Purpose Document – May 2014

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  • Our Aims and Objectives

    fostering childrenWe aim to provide a range of placements for children and young people, both short term and long term with a view to:

    • Providing a substitute family for children/young people
    • Providing safe and secure family environment in our care
    • Rehabilitating children/young people back to their families
    • To prepare young people in our care for life skills
    • Preparing children/young people for moving on to a permanent placement where they cannot return home safely
    • Providing short breaks of care for children or young people from their families or carers

    Our objective is to meet the needs of children who are or may be temporarily or permanently separated from their families. We strive to promote a high level of care, guidance, encouragement, safety and security for children placed with our foster carers.

    In this pursuit our mission is to achieve Quality, Equality and Safety in Care.

  • About Our Fostering Services

    fostering parents and childrenAs an independent and private fostering agency we work with various councils to provide a range of placements for children and young people aged 0 to 18.

    The types of placements we provide include:

    • Short Term and Long Term
    • Emergency Placements
    • Respite Placements
    • Mother and Baby Placements
    • Bridging Placements

    In accordance with the Fostering Services Regulations – Acorn ensures that children and young persons placed with foster carers are protected from any harm and their overall needs such as contact, health, education, cultural, religious, dietary, employment and other special needs are met.

  • Acorn’s Values and Principles

    ‘Quality, Equality and Safety in Care’ is the phrase we have adopted as a guiding principle for Acorn Fostering Services Ltd.

    Our endeavours, deliberations and whatever we do are guided by this principle.

    Inherent in this phrase is Acorn’s mission statement; to complement this we also have a set of principles, values underpinning our services, and organisational operations that we believe in and are committed to observe.

    These key values are:

    Commitment – Partnership – Integrity – Quality – Investing in People – Equality of Opportunity – Safety

  • Acorn’s Standards

    • Acorn Fostering Services operates in accordance with Section 105 of the Children Act 1989 and the Fostering Services Regulations 2011.
    • We fully comply with the guidance set out by Ofsted and are committed to continually updating and developing new policies and procedures based on experience, new research and guidance.
    • Acorn not only fully complies with the minimum standards set by Ofsted, but maintains much higher standards of practice.
    • Our aim is to strive for providing best possible quality of foster placements for children and young persons up to the age of 18 years who require substitute care.

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